Monday, November 11, 2013

Tourists are committed to meet the cemetery Hightgate in London

In London is very traditional with tourists have the opportunity to enjoy visiting some museums and one of the most recommended is Highgate , London Necropolis popular usually receive a lot of visitors , as it is a very relaxing place able to walk and is also surrounded by very natural .

It is a cemetery that has a higher number of visitors as approaching Halloween night , which is a special night . The interesting thing is that it is a cemetery in which rest forever people such as Dickens , Virginia Woolf , and the famous Karl Marx , among many other characters that are resting forever in this place so mysterious and so beloved among tourists .

It's a graveyard fit only for the brave , because according to legend in this area is inhabited by the famous Highgate Vampire and of course tourists should be very clear before making a visit to this site , which is really very special and recommended.

From the architectural point of view is a beautiful cemetery as it has different tombs and mausoleums really really deserve it and in fact is a site of special architectural interest and hence the great interest that many tourists often show when a trip . For tourists who know this museum is a great experience , because the architecture is one of the great attractions for all tourists .